Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Nice storms!


Well we headed south towards a developing storm west of Fort Worth. It gave us some hail close to 1 inch in diameter, but loads of locals were stopping under overpasses, which is just ridiculous - you just can't go around stopping in the middle of the Interstate in heavy rain/hail - it's much more dangerous than just driving along. It just shouldn't be done.

Anyway, after a rather lively drive around Fort Worth we headed north towards another cell which moved over Decatur (a bit annoying as this was our earlier target!). However, this storm was moving from the south, which was quite odd really. We got amazing shots/video of the backside of the storm at sunset, which I'll try to post soon. After this, we headed to our motel at Decatur - our room has a jacuzzi in it! I switched on the pumps just to see what would happen with no water in, but it shot a load over water all over the mirrors surrounding it!

Anyway, there are some more storms to our west which are hopefully going to move through soon so I'm off outside for a look!

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