Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Arrived in Scottsbulff

We drove from Denver to Scottsbluff today, in anticipation of a slim risk of severe storms tomorrow.

Along the way we caught some weak thunderstorms near Kimball, Nebraska, which afforded some nice CG lightning bolts - here's a video still from one of them.
(click on pics for bigger images - beware, the proper photo files are quite large!)

There were also some nice cloudscapes.

We ate dinner at Chilli's in Scottsbluff - Helen is amassing photographs of each of her dinners (don't ask!) - her Old Timer burger is seen below!

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  1. Loving the Old Timer Burger! I guess it's called that because it ages you five years with each bite? ;-) Good to see you got some storm action. That's a very neat looking CG! Look after yourselves!