Saturday, 23 May 2009

Nice Colorado storms!

We caught some nice storms W/NW of Limon, west of Deer Trail. Some great CGs and a little bit of structure too! These formed with good convergence with the Denver Cyclone developing.

We're just in Deer Trail at the moment, getting a quick Coke - we're about to head back SE to Limon, where we're booked in for the night. Tomorrow may well be another day just west of Limon, with storms developing around the Palmer Divide, or perhaps just a shade north.

Then after that I think we'll start heading down towards the Texas Panhandle.


  1. I'm lovin' the crispness of the HD video lightning grabs. Can't wait to give mine a try! May get a chance Monday. Good luck for today (Saturday) - hope you get some good, structured storms :-)

  2. Cheers Bren - the vid looks nice too but I can't upload from this motel!