Wednesday, 31 May 2017

May 30th report


Not much to report today. We drove from Dodge City to Hutchinson, Kansas, at had lunch there. We were playing a marginal risk of severe storms in eastern Kansas and into Missouri. However, we didn't really want to go too far east for such a marginal risk so we waited at the western edge.

After lunch we drove east to Newton, and waited there for a while. A few showers and storms started to form about 35 miles east so we decided to start heading towards them. We had to drove south on I-135 first. About 10 minutes into this journey, having eyeballed the showers and storms to the east I decided that I couldn't be bothered with this journey! Helen was in agreement so we turned around and headed north towards Salina. A mesoscale discussion was promptly issued by the SPC for the area to the east! However, we'd made our choice so we headed to Salina, and that's where we are for the night.

I have slightly higher hopes for tomorrow's storm chances - some backed surface flow and a boundary should be present across portions of north-central Kansas, and although upper flow is weak, the shear will be close to be reasonable for organised storms and perhaps supercells.

One thing is that this evening is the first evening of the trip where it's actually felt warm - it's still 25C outside just now at 10pm, which is nice!

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