Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Day 2 - is this the way?

Hello there.

Today was a nice easy start to the trip. We woke reasonably early, just before 8am, after a somewhat fitful night's sleep: 3am thunder, slight timezone issues, claims of snoring, etc.

The plan was to drive to Amarillo, on our way towards Colorado for the chance of storms from Thursday. We packed up and drove to Wal*Mart to pick up supplies for the trip. I got the various bits of tech to work OK in the car, and we headed off.

Our route took us north from Weatherford, and up to Wichita Falls. We then joined 287 towards Amarillo - a classic storm chaser route, passing by towns and cities which have seen countless storms over the years. We've chased several. We stopped off at the Donley County Rest Area, north-west of Memphis, Texas. We recalled being at the southbound rest area last year, and time-lapsing a supercell to the west, before seeing a nocturnal tornado near Turkey, Texas. That was this day last year!

We continued north-westwards, under partly sunny skies, with temperatures around 19-21C - pretty cool for this area at this time of year! Very pleasant, though.

We got to Amarillo and I had a quick swim and hot tub, before we went to dinner at the Red Robin burger joint, meeting Nathan Edwards and enjoying a nice catch up and burgers.

This year's motor, a Dodge Durango, at Wal*Mart, in Weatherford.

Big skies over the Donley County Rest Area, in the SE Texas Panhandle.

A couple of Common Grackles showing off at the rest area.

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