Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Good evening. Or morning. Or something!

It's currently 9.47pm CDT, or to us, 3.47am! We've been up since around 6.30am yesterday and, although there was a bit of kippage on the plane, we're pretty knackered now.

We've picked up our car - a Dodge Durango GT - very pleasant! Pics tomorrow. We're now in Weatherford, Texas, and are just in from our first burgers of the trip in - guess where - Applebee's!

I don't think it'll be longer before we conk out now - just a few mins to let dinner go down a bit.

We'll head to Wal*Mart in the morning to pick up some supplies - a well-known ritual for us these days! I'll spend the time connecting up the laptop, and, probably, swearing at it. You never know, though - everything may work like a dream this time!

Plans thereafter - we'll decide tomorrow, but more than likely towards Amarillo ready to continue towards either Colorado or western Kansas on Wednesday ready for the chance of a few storms on Thursday. Late week and into the weekend should bring at least some chances for severe storms.

Stepping out into the Texas evening a bit earlier, with anvil cirrus from storms 90 miles to our west overspreading the sky, along with Altocumulus Castellanus beneath it was a somewhat magical experience for me - a goosebump moment as, all at once, it quickly dawned on me we were here! Not that it hadn't, but you know what I mean!

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