Wednesday, 4 June 2014

June 3rd - final day long shot - no!


We thought we'd try a long shot at getting some afternoon convection in S Cent Nebraska - we knew all hell would break loose further north as storms fired along a warm front, but it was too far for us to go, knowing we had to head back to Dallas on Wednesday. Also, the type of storms expected - large, violent high-precipitation supercells with limited tornado potential, and little chance of seeing a photogenic tornado made it less appealing. So we gambled and drove from Salina, Kansas, to Red Cloud, Nebraska, which is a lovely little place. We had lunch and mooched around the local area for a couple of hours - very nice, but no storms.

At 5.30pm or so, it was clear nothing was going to happen soon, if at all, so we bailed, and drove to Oklahoma City. We stopped for McD's on the way down - our first of the whole trip!

We're staying overnight in N Oklahoma City, ready to drive to Dallas in the morning.

It's been a nice trip, if fairly quiet storm-wise. We've seen some cool storms and some nice structure at times, but no tornadoes this year.

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