Tuesday, 3 June 2014

June 2nd - S Kansas bust


It was a long shot to get convection today in the Plains, as an upper ridge built in, decreasing lapse rates and stifling any towers which could develop.

We decided to head to southern Kansas, just in case an old outflow boundary could cause enough low-level lift to allow storms to form. A few showers did develop in the end, and we did drive through some brief heavy rain - however, there just wasn't the persistent lift to really get things going, and the convection always looked fairly anaemic.

We decided to head to Salina - tomorrow, a large area of Nebraska and parts of N Kansas appear to be in line for a severe weather outbreak, with the risk of supercells and strong tornadoes. We have to be in Dallas on Wednesday for our flight home, so this will modulate how far north we are prepared to go tomorrow. We'll have to await the morning models and see how any overnight convection affects the set-up. If it appears it'll be well into Nebraska, we may just call it quits and start heading south - however, if there's a chance in S Nebraska/N Cent Kansas, which there may well be, we'll hang about.

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