Wednesday, 11 March 2009

That's 'ice'!

Weather and its effects never cease to amaze me, which must be a good thing seeing as I'm a meteorologist! This ensures that the job never becomes boring, as there is always some weather somewhere in the world to make you say, "wow".

Cue a winter storm in the Great Lakes region of the USA, and specifically in the state of Michigan. Strong winds pushed ice from Lake Huron into homes on the states eastern shoreline. Now, I'm sure we're all used to a bit of snow and ice, sometimes invading the doormat area of the home when a shoe is not firmly tapped to remove snow before entering the house. But these images from the CNN website are pretty amazing. It would be a rather rude awakening to stroll bleary-eyed into the kitchen in order to get the morning coffee warmed up, only to find yourself up to your neck in ice. Brrrrrr.

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