Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Speed and things

I'm always amazed at the number of motorists who seemingly fail to 'get' what average speed cameras actually are. I've noted dozens of people braking hard as the pass the first camera, only to speed up again through the road works, and then slow down again at the next one! Confounded baffoons the lot of them!!

And another thing - motorists in Reading seem to have taken it upon themselves to 'tag slow drive' when I'm on the road. Now, I don't want to hammer around everywhere, just doing the standard 30mph through town is perfectly fine. But following some dawdler ambling along at 20mph is just sooo annoying! And just when the offender pulls into a side road, another seems to be 'tagged' and pulls out in front of me! And why does it take so long for people to pull away from traffic lights? Do people see them change so much more slowly than I do?! Doh.

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