Sunday, 2 June 2013

To Amarillo amongst a tragic loss

We went to bed last night just as the news was breaking within the chase community that three of its most experienced and revered chasers, Tim Samaras, his son Paul, and their chase partner Carl Young, were killed in the El Reno tornado on Friday. Waking this morning made me hope it had been some awful dream but sadly it wasn't. The chase community has been shocked and stunned by this. Those with no clue about chasing will likely be quick to criticise what they deem as being a reckless and dangerous pursuit. Sure, getting close to a tornadic supercell is never going to be risk free, but these were people with masses of experience, and who were in it for the science as well as the fascination of being close to such a force of nature. We can only offer our sincere condolences to all their family and friends...we did not know them personally but within the chase community we obviously knew of them and their work intimately. RIP.

For us, today is a quiet day. We're heading to Amarillo and the Big Texan for dinner, but beforehand we're going to have some quiet time at the Palo Duro Canyon.

It has been a tough time to be a chaser but we have to continue doing what we love to do.

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  1. Eloquently put Paul. I think it has rattled the whole community and both those who knew him personally and those who had admired his dedication to the cause from afar.
    Tim Samaras is one name most people recognise, his commitment to the science and research will never be forgotten.