Friday, 21 May 2010

Montana Mike's!

We've just got back to the motel after a nice dinner at Montana Mike's, here in Colby. This motel has a nice lounge area complete with leather comfy chairs/sofas, so I've headed down here for a decaf evening coffee to do a bit of surfing ahead of tomorrow's possible storms. Bren and Matt have joined me.

We've been chatting about some of the driving we witnessed yesterday in Oklahoma: much of it was absolutely fine, but a few chasers seem to think that possessing light bars and, in one case, a siren, allows traffic laws to be violated.

Anyway, that's all behind us now, and we're looking forward to attempting to intercept some storms in the more open terrain of the High Plains. I don't think we'll be alone, though, as there are other chasers about in the motel we're in. However, I think there will be many fewer than down in OK yesterday!

Will obviously refine the target in the morning but right now, I quite like the look of eastern Colorado, around the I-70 corridor. I think the area further NW towards the Cheyenne Ridge may be pretty good, but I wonder whether to try for a less obvious target, so we can get a nice, quiet chase in!

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