Sunday, 23 May 2010

A long day!

Enjoyable chase with plenty of lightning and some reasonable structure for a time - now in Valentine, Nebraska - it's 2.20am - we did 638.9 miles today!. Up and out by 10am in the morning to head to N Kansas.

We missed a big tornado in N South Dakota (just too far away), but we still ended up with some decent storms in S Cent S Dakota. One attempted to form into a high based supercell but couldn't quite do it - some nice structure for a time. We also met up with Pete (Scott), Steve, and Simon for a time.

As it just about got dark we headed east to get ahead of the line of storms, and one to the south was tornado warned. We found a great scenic overlook just off of Interstate 90, at Chamberlain. At this stage we were back in the warm inflow air, which was about 29-30C, with a 25-30mph SE'erly wind! This was at around 9pm or so!! We let the storms roll over us just to the east, in Kimball, when it became clear that the circulation had weakened alot. Plenty of CGs, including several very close ones.

All in all an enjoyable chase - we got storms in our target area, and so can't complain about that! It was always apparent that the northern area would be in line for tornadic storms, but it was just too far for us to reach.

Tomorrow, it looks like the cold front will stall somewhere in N Cent KS, and then start to return northwards. A dry line will be out in eastern Colorado/perhaps western Kansas. Storms should form close to the front and perhaps the dryline, and with good moisture, instability, and directional shear, supercells are possible.

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