Sunday, 13 August 2017

What's this - round two?


There is a total eclipse of the Sun on August 21st, visible in a stripe across the continental USA. I've been waited at least 18 years for this event, and so we felt we just had to be there.

Thus, tomorrow morning we're flying to Chicago, Illinois, in order to get into position for just over 1 week's time. My Dad and brother, and my brother's partner, are already out there - they are blogging their visit here -

We'll spend a couple of days in Chicago, then *perhaps* get a storm chase in (well, why wouldn't we?!), if the weather plays ball. By next weekend we will be looking very closely at the cloud predictions for Monday, and deciding whether or not we'll follow Plan A, which is to be in southern Nebraska for the eclipse. We'll go wherever the sky looks likely to be clearest.

So, a bit weirdly, we're now gearing up for a USA trip once again!

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