Thursday, 1 March 2012

Warning as Spring hits parts of the UK

Warning as Spring hits parts of the UK

Experts are warning Brits to remain indoors this afternoon after it emerged that outbreaks of Spring have begun to affect many locations. Despite areas of fog lulling people into a false sense of security this morning, sunshine has subsequently developed widely, and is now already causing problems.

Central London was one of the worst hit areas as temperatures soared above those in Paris, France.

The image to the right was captured by Brian Form before he ducked for cover in central London.


Workers out for lunchtime strolls were reportedly shielding their eyes from the intense sunlight, and several removed jackets and even rolled up their sleeves. Tony Parch, a 53 year old sandwich seller who keeps a horse who likes sandwiches said, "Why weren't we warned about this? There was no mention this morning that the sun would be so bright. My horse has gone right off his sandwiches, and no mistake".


Meanwhile, residents across portions of Wales, N Ireland, N England and Scotland had to content with outbreaks of cloud, which had become widespread by lunchtime. Brian Scotsman from Glasgow tweeted: "LOL, it's s'posed to be spring and yet all I can c iz cloud. ROFL", to which Len Bristol from Weston Super Mare replied: "LMFAO".

Such witty banter became widespread as plucky Brits turned to their sardonic sense of humour to get through. "It's great", said Margaret Punch, "We were rolling around in the office this afternoon reading the tweets from people out in it - what a great sense of humour we have in this country".


Experts have warned that we should expect more of the same in the coming weeks. They advise that a pair of sunglasses and a hat might be a 'good idea'. Time will tell whether these dire predictions come true.

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