Monday, 1 June 2009

Partial success!

Well our punt on Nebraska partially paid off - we got some nice storms, and they were severe warned for a time. High based storms were the order of the day, and they were highly tilteds/sheared, and perhaps supercellular for a time.

We headed east to follow them (after checking into our motel in Lincoln, Nebraska), and ended up just over the border in Iowa. We parked up and watched various storms develop very close by and then move away to the ENE. These produced some very nice lightning.

We eventually headed back towards Lincoln, but a new line of storms developed to our north, spewing out almost constant lightning. We stopped and watched these for a while.

We eventully got back to Lincoln, and this line of storms weakened. However, as I type this, a new line has developed to our north - out of our north facing motel window, lightning is almost constantly flickering!

This image shows our position (in the red circle), and the line of storms to our north, just a few mins ago.

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